How I Lose Weight, My 10 Easy Steps

How I Lose Weight, My 10 Easy Steps

Losing Weight 10 Easy Steps

There are such journeys which are not to be described in terms of physical moves and displacement rather they’re characterized by emotional ups and downs, turns bumps..

Physical appearance and self image are important factors as far as once mental state is concerned.. here’s is a story, about such a journey where I found the  highest levels of my energy, perhaps. To take start with, I would like to share that I used to be like some 103 kg back in January 2018, when  it clicked me, all of a sudden I had been cruel on me, for long and now it’s time have some mercy on me, physically and psychologically

I had an year old daughter then, and after delivering her, I got so busy with her and the rest of my responsibilities that I my ignored myself completely, as if I was taking revenge from my own self. I neglect my health so much so that totally forgot the idea of self esteem or things related to that particular area of family pushed me to consult some dietician or nutritionist in order get some help, because I had no idea how to regain my health, as I was entirely ignorant of any digital source for that matter.

Honestly speaking comments from people and their cruel judgmental statements were painful enough to get me there. psychologically and physically I was burdened and oppressed like anything.    I wanted to get rid of that pain and agony back then.

Finally I got in touch with a dietician to have paid diet plans and food supplements in order to reduce my was totally a different experience the life, that I was taking for granted, suddenly became worth living. I reduced some 7-8 kgs just in the 1st week of my journey. I was super excited in spite of the knowledge that this was only baby fat, or water retention that I happened to lose in days. The time kept on passing and I attuned myself completely to that of the diet plans from my dietician, which were mainly based on cutting on carbs, adding more protein, vegetables and liquids. initially it was like starvation, but soon I became addicted, and my appetite was suppressed and eating habits changed entirely.. I had been ruthless with my life style, eating habits, sleep patterns and rest of the health requirements.. slowly and gradually I lost around 33kgs and I was 70kgs on weighing scale back in August 2018 and that was period of 8 months precisely..

Since I was following paid diet plans so at that point in the time, I decided to discontinue with them and carry on with my own personal choices ,plans and routine.

So I consulted my dietician and he told me that it was better to continue his programme till I get to 60kgs, that is considered to be the ideal weight according to my Body Mass Index.

But I made up my mind not to spend money anymore and told him that I’m quitting and will be following your plans and exercise routine. That was again a big moment of my life, that needed a lot of determination and sacrifice. I’m still of the opinion that if one can control one’s eating habits or choices, or craving, that’s certainly the highest type of self control.

So I accepted it as a challenge and started my journey once again on my own.

The contribution of dietician was great, he had set a pattern for me, informed me, directed me and encouraged me a was a real test of my will power and self determination which I passed with flying colors I must say, as I didn’t give up and took everyday as a challenge. it’s more than self praise, because I literally found myself very enthusiastic, energetic and determined with every passing day.

I had been rewarded in the form of good health and shape.

To cut the long story short, I would found utmost pleasure to share with you, that within a period of two months or so, I was 60kgs on the was a great achievement for me not only in physical terms but psychological too.

The process felt really hectic, painful and out of my range at times, but an inner power, never let me give up, it was because of the fact that along with pain, I was getting pleased too, upon seeing myself a better immediate family and husband supported me at every step and kept on backing me through was the result of their encouragement that I had been able to make it so far.

At the end I want to share my views about the outcomes of my weight loss journey.

1: It was never an easy one, but every difficulty that comes under this earth is surely accompanied by the ease, as promised by almighty Allah..

2: My determination was the key behind, and that was always bucked up by family, friends and last but not the least almighty, who has made us in best of shapes.

3: There is nothing like dieting, it’s healthy eating, and whole life style that contributes to change you mentally and physically.

Short cuts are worthless, nothing comes over night, it’s a long process.

Domestic” totkas” 😉 are nothing but wastage of energy, they might be a help to increase your metabolism but there is no miraculous food to make you lose your weight, either it’s green tea or any homemade so called fat cutter, you may call them.

4: Losing weight takes you to create a calorie deficit, that means that you need to create difference between the your calorie need and the calories that you’re consuming.

5: Last one was number 4 healthy eating and physical exercise must be a life style not fashion of a few months or years.

6: Exercise will never help you reduce your weight, it only keeps you fit physiologically, by removing toxins from your body and toning it, that is much needed when you create calorie deficit and lose your fat and muscle .

7: Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand if you really want to attain good results regarding your health and physical shape, none of them is going to work alone.

8: Your Body Is A Divine Gift, don’t mess with it by polluting it with wrong food and sedentary life style.

8: Get yourself good health and appearance not to please anyone or approve the standards set by society, but do it for your self, your survival, your happiness and above all your kids😉

9: Never consider your healthful routine a punishment, make it pleasurable and consider it as a part and parcel of your daily routine, don’t be tough on yourself, go crazy sometimes, have cheat days for a break and enjoy your favorite desserts, junk food etc.. make sure to get back to your lifestyle, as early as possible.

10: Most importantly, be you, don’t compare your journey to anyone else, every body is different with different requirements so go on your own pace, there’s no hurry.

One thing more, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting the best version of your self, gaining self-esteem and above all your happiness.

Grow every day, learn from everyone, be happy, lose your excess weight, but not your mind and being👍🏻👍🏻

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