Write for Us, become a Great Author, Get 1000s of Benefits

Write for Us, become a Great Author, Get 1000s of Benefits

Why Write for Us

We’re always looking for new authors and giving rewards / prizes to the author of best content. If you’ve got an idea that will attract our readers and useful, we want to hear about it and publish to our platform.

We want your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to get there. Once accepted, you’ll get extensive feedback from our team, and you’ll work closely with an editor on revisions.

It’s also rewarding. Thousands of audience will read your work, and you’ll also learn a lot in the process—about communicating your ideas, about writing, and even about the topic you thought you already knew so well when you started.

Benefits of write for us:

  • Improves Your Writing Skills
  • Getting High-Quality Traffic
  • Expands a Portfolio of Work
  • Get Monthly Rewards and Cash Prizes
  • Makes People Aware of You or Your Brand
  • Increases Organic Traffic
  • Offers Constructive Community Feedback
  • Offers Network Expansion
  • Impacts Social Media Growth
  • Impacts Online Influence

Rule & eligibility for getting a reward and prizes for submitting content / article:

  • Should be original and not copied content
  • Most liked and views
  • Maximum number of sharing
  • Editors will pick best submission

What you should follow while ”write for us” ?

  •  Unique and distinctive Content

People are continuously looking for fresh stories and new ideas. It helps in encouraging reading and engaging. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. If you have such an idea or story to tell just bring your typing keyboard and write for us.

To get a fresh idea or topic, you better go through our list of topics / ideas which will be useful to getting a fresh idea and topic for which you can write on.

  • Simple and increase Curiosity

Content must be simple, concise and increases curiosity so that should encourage people to read more, and hunt for more information.

  • Use Examples

Be to the point, Simple, Generic, and most importantly Engaging. Advice, Mistakes can only be easily understood with examples and readers can easily relate to themselves. 

  • Sponsored posts

Yes, we do accept sponsored posts at competitive prices, from the companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. Please note that this is not like an advertising fee for your company but it helps to grow a strong brand name among our readers. For example, If a company would like to share their startup journey from starting to the zenith, how they grow, what are the obstacles and challenges they face during their successful journey.

We accept Guest posts only for Paid Links or Sponsored posts at competitive rates. For more details,

What we publish

We publish articles of anywhere between 600–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity. 700 words is about average. Articles often run with a custom illustration. Articles may be casual in tone and content—great for less-intensive tutorials and posts. All should be well-considered explorations of current and cutting-edge topics of our provided list or of your own idea.

What we don’t publish?

  • Too much Promotion

We do not publish too much promotion, always remember guest posting is a way to show your knowledge and expertise in the field to your readers. They are not a platform for overly promoting services, offers, or companies. 

  • Already published Content

We do not accept articles that have already been published on our website. Even if you had made some changes to it. We only accept Unique and Original.

  • Copied / Copyright Content

We do not accept Copied or plagiarized or copyright content(s) on our website. And it is a serious violation of our policy which can lead to permanent deactivation and banning of your account.

  • Misleading information

Author should not include any fake information or data in the content. You must give proper citations, credits, and quote the source of information on the article. Always use reliable information from authoritative sites or sources and give credit accordingly.

  • Use of Pics/images

You are not supposed to add any copyright pic or image on your content, because due to copyright issues, we do not allow it and if it’s required, we will add from our side end. However you can use sites like for getting free images or make your own images / graphics using

  • Adult or Abusive Content

Adult and Abusive Content is highly prohibited and will result in permanent ban immediately.

It is required to follow the following guidelines to write for us, the content to get easy approval:

  • Choose the topic from the below list of this page, that attract your audience and relevant to your industry
  • Length of headline should be 60-100 character with space
  • Content should be original and exclusive with no plagiarism
  • Content should be error free – means no grammatical and  spelling errors
  • Content should be relevant to the topic you have chosen
  • Keyword density – 1-2%
  • Article length is of minimum 600 words and maximum of 1500 words
  • Share the images that you need to include in your post.
  • At least 1 images is mandatory of size (1920X1200) or more.
  • The image should be uploaded in featured image section.
  • Content should not be highly promotional.
  • Content should be informative and well researched.
  • Don’t use words like Best, Excellent, Most famous, Most Attractive, Good, Best or any word which praise the offered services.
  • Include sub headings, points, bullets etc. in content, it makes content easy to read and attractive.
  • Don’t share abusive or adult content.
  • You can include links to recognized websites that helps the reader to access official resources on the topic.
  • Avoid linking to general interest sites, blogs or sites that contain similar content.

How to Write for us

Please use the form of our website to submit your article / content on our website page “content sharing” page.

Guidelines to Follow for Write for Us Article Submission Process

Choose topics: Before Pitching for your article submission, kindly go through our list of ideas / topics and come up with unique content ideas that you’re most passionate about writing a attractive, well researched, in-depth article.

We prefer submissions through our website form so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.

Word Limit: We only allow articles that contain at least 500 words.

Formatting subheads: Give proper titles, H1, and H2 tags as required.

Add Links: Add 1-2 external links

Plag free: Content should be 100% plagiarism-free 

Author: You can include a profile photo and short bio.

Approval time: Hence it is a sponsored post, the Top suggestion will get approved and intimate you via email in 1-2 business days.

Revision: Once an article is published, We do not allow Revisions, if it is highly required we can make changes from our end.

If everything goes well, we will publish your article within a week and will email you the article link.

Whom do we allow to publish / write for us?

We accept individual writers, startup companies, Professional Writers, Freelancers or Even Students to write for us.

Blog Ideas / Topics for Write for Us on

1) Traveling

  •  City Guide
  • General travel tips
  • Traveling with kids
  • Historical places of ….
  • How to travel on a budget (best hotel deals, trip advice)
  • Love traveling? If so, share your experiences.
  • How to Travel on a Budget with These 13 Tips
  • Go somewhere new.

 2)  Health

  • Mental health
  • Speaking in public
  • Self-care and self-worth
  • Confidence boosting
  • Mind strengthening
  • Self-improvement/ personal development

3) Fitness and sport ideas

  • How to lose weight and feel awesome
  • Healthy eating during stress
  • Cycling
  • Running and marathons
  • Hiking (share experience)

 4) Hobbies

  • Gardening (community gardening/urban farming
  • Drawing
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Hobbies for kids
  • Motorcycles
  • Technology (Write about the latest gadgets, new technologies, tips and tricks for using them.)
  • Boating and fishing
  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Horseback riding
  • Interior design
  • Dogs, cats, pets

  5) Food and cooking (recipes)

  • Home-cooked meals
  • Healthy foods, super foods
  •  Baking
  • Recipes
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Share a regional recipe.
  • Show off your kitchen.
  • Talk about the history of a dish.

6) Upcoming events

 7) Gaming

  •  Video game tactics shown through tutorials
  • Outdoor games

 8) Divorce and separation

 9) Education

  • Homeschooling
  • Career path advice
  • Learning new skills
  • Study hacks

 10)  Photography

  • Sports photography
  • How to do travel photograpghy/videography.
  •  Making good video for the web(youtube channel etc).
  • Share photos from an event.
  • Explain a photography technique
  • Snap your vacations

 11) Self-employment (Business)

  • Great 20 Small businesses ideas.
  • Get great 10 business ideas for females
  • 12 Online business ideas
  • How to start my business? (10 steps to start your business)
  • 13 home business(money-making) ideas in Pakistan/Asia
  • How to start a business with no money?
  • Best low-cost small business ideas.
  • 12 unique business ideas
  • Business guidelines.
  • Business mistakes to avoid when start your own business

 12) Gift ideas

Consider These When You Write for Us

  • We decided to open up for guest posting / content sharing to give our readers and entrepreneurs a chance to build their brand. So we like to work with real people and not with SEO agencies. Please get to know us a bit better before sending us your article. Follow us on our social media channels and share. This will greatly increase your chances of getting published.
  • We get 50-100 submissions per month. Therefore avoid sending emails asking whether your article is getting published or not. If we have selected your article, you’ll hear from us.

The page is a bit long and the requirements a bit stiff, but we feel it’s necessary to reduce spam submissions. Looking forward to some great articles. If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post.

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