Recipe Competition

Important Dates
Deadline: 15 December 2023
• Approval of content: 25 December 2023
• Share content to get likes: until result is announced
• Result: 31 December 2023

Who may enter

The contest is open to everyone aged between 12-18.

Topic / Theme

“Global Flavors: Share Your Favorite Recipe from a Different Cuisine”

Entry fees
The competition is free to enter.


Recipes must be attributed to their original source. Participants are responsible for any infringement on third-party rights.
• Your recipe must list the ingredients and the quantity of each required, in order of use, followed by clear and complete directions. 
• Upload one picture of your food/dish and one picture of recipe and write your name and Greentalentt on the bottom of the paper.
• Don’t use any content previously shown on the GreenTalentt website.
Email and mobile number must be provided for contact.
• Winners and Runners up photo will be displayed on website as well as fb page.
• English content must be written using narrow line sheet.

• Upload final picture of your dish/food and one recipe picture.
• Urdu content must be written using broad line sheet.

Short description
• The contest is organized by Greentalentt.
• All content must be submitted online.

• Excellence Award (3 winners max): The most number of likes and must have min 100 likes.
• Editor Choice Award (3 winners max): Best entries selected by the editors and must have min 50 likes.
• Grand Award $100 (1 winner max): Get more than 500 likes.
• Digital Certificates: All participants.

Competition website
For further information contact us on or visit

The information mentioned on our website is truthful to best of our knowledge. By entering into the competitions you acknowledge that you enter in our contest by your own risk and that we shall be not liable for any kind of misuse or mishandling of your submission but not limit to this. and its team can not be held responsible and liable for any reason. By registering into our contest you are abide to follow the rules and regulations of the contest. You also agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will not knowingly use the Contest Website for any improper or unlawful purposes.

Entries will not be acknowledged or returned. All entries become the property of Greentalentt and may be edited, modified, adapted, published, or otherwise used in any way without compensation. Morover photos and videos will be uploaded on youtube channel of GreenTalentt and others websites as well.

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