November 2022 Online Competitions Result

November 2022 Online Competitions Result

We are feeling proud and happy to announce the results and really appreciated the participants who take interest and submitted their best contents.

Many congratulations to the winners of the November 2022 Competitions, who participated in different categories on the online competitions platform, where every month online competitions are held on different themes / topics in various categories like Story Writing, Photography, Baby Photos and more.

Check below the list of entries received from the participants and winners.

NOTE: Please send the correct mailing address at, so that prizes can be sent to you.

Baby Photos

Name: Minsa Ali  (Winner)

Age: 04 years

Name: Zoha Fatima 

Age: 02 years


Name: Farheen Rathore  (Winner)

Age: 08 years

Name: Muneeb

Age: 11 years


Name: Farheen Rathore  (Winner)

Age: 08


Name: Muhammad Buraiyd Ali Jamil (Winner)

Age: 12

Name: Farheen Rathore 

Age: 08

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